Your device has zapped to you over to the site of ABMS Trading Enterprises. How smart of it.

Welcome, let me introduce ourselves.

We are a 100% Namibian owned, and family run business. As Namibians, we understand the every-day struggles, people who live in the land of the brave face. Our little trading enterprise was started as a response to the horrific fire, wherein our farm-home burnt to the ground. Our parents who perished are always in our heart and it is to their honor to which we vow to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, stronger than before.

So, you may ask what does “ABMS”, stand for?

A is for Arthur the King, who at this point seems more like a pint-size dictator, than a wise monarch.

B is for Bokkie, who in my opinion looks very much a handsome springbok captain, but isn’t one.

M is for Mini-Me, as in Mini Mouse without the clubhouse while last but not least

S is for Sarina, that’s me. I am the Missus.

Bokkie, is a multi-talented handyman, with skills like the true Namibian grown farmer. He can repair anything from a light bulb to a diesel pump fuel injector. He is a qualified farmer, a qualified diesel pump mechanic with a specialty in diesel fuel injector repairs. Additionally, he is a qualified money handling machine technician.


You can head over to our Contact page should you require the following services:

• Diesel pump & fuel injector repairs

• Maintenance on printers, computers, and odd equipment that you just can’t find anybody who can fix it.

Where are we?

We mainly operate from Windhoek and our farm-home just outside of Gobabis. Don’t let the geographics frighten you. If you are Namibian, live in Namibia want to know more about the real Namibia or simply have a heart for Namibia you will find this site valuable.


I love Namibian made. This is why you will find reviews on Namibian made products and services. If it’s sold in Namibia, I will review it. My reviews are always honest, even a sponsored one. If you have a product or service you’d like me to review, kindly head over to the Contact page.

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