Footprints Accommodation, Swakopmund a review

My family of four recently vacationed in Swakopmund. Somewhat tired from the four-hour drive, with my toddler hanging in my arm and my relieved eldest child on my heals, we walked into the Footprints Bead and Breakfast.

“Jesus our Saviour,” hangs prominently to the wall on the right.

The B&B was named and the decorative theme takes after the popular Christian poem, “Footprints in the sand”

If you are not familiar with this poem, it’s worth reading.

Beach murals decorate the walls, while little scripture verses can be found all around. The rooms all come with a bible. As a Christian, this was something that struck me.

Located walking distance from the new Mal, in Swakopmund, Namibia – this B&B has a relaxed atmosphere. The staff where friendly, the rooms where clean, and the food was good.

We were booked into one of their family rooms. This room came with a double bed and a bunk bed for our two children. The bunk bed was located in an adjacent room to the main room, which was fitted with a TV, fridge, microwave, two-plate mini stove and built-in kitchen cupboards. There was also some basic cutlery and tableware.

The bathroom came with a shower, toilet, washbasin, and built-in cupboards for your clothing.
What’s more, we were given access to the wifi, which comes included with the price of the room.

The room we were in did not come with a ceiling fan, however, the staff was happy to provide us with a free-standing one, when we asked.

Breakfast can be enjoyed on their roof-top terrace, which has an ocean view. The menu consists of two different types of omelette, your basic eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, yoghurt, serials, and fruit. By prior arrangement, Dinner can also be served, if there is enough request, therefore. My only concern were the many stairs to the rooftop terrace, which necessitated I keep a watchful eye on my very active toddler.

Footprints had a not to be missed special. This included a scenic trike drive through Swakopmund. My toddler was laughing gleefully as the cool Swakopmund air blew in our face, while fellow traffic users stared at us in amusement. When not included in the special, this drive can be arranged with the management of Footprints.

It was my first stay with them, and I’m happy to recommend them to others. I will most definitely return in the future.

If you’d like me to write a review for your Namibian sold product or service, please head over to the contact page.

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