A roof over my head. Transformation of home versus soul

Converting a dusty old storeroom, into a livable flat is quite the task. But after the fire, it was the only building left standing which we could transform. So, we set out to work. First, we needed to knock down some walls. Break-in some windows, so the air can circulate. Build walls where none were before. Clean. Clean. Clean, some more.
It’s been a lengthy, physically demanding process.

It reminds me of the spiritual transformation we undergo when we decide to hand our life to the Lord, Jesus.
He will rearrange our priorities. He knocks down the strongholds to make sure there are doorways, so He can move around freely.  He changes us, inside first. He sanctifies us, that is He cleanses our soul. Clean. Clean. Clean, an ongoing process.

Bokkie’s latest project was to insert a ceiling into this flat. Where there was previously only a roof, there is now an extra layer. Insulation which typically a ceiling provides keeps the temperatures inside a home more constant.

It’s something we can also see Jesus do when he moves into the temple which is our body. Suddenly, we are no longer such hotheads, or we become more wake-up, passionate, active. It depends on which edge of the spectrum we found ourselves in. This transformation is different in each person.

Summer is back in full shine. When you stand outside, you feel like you are inside a hot stove. It makes me grateful for the extra layer. It reminds me that the year-end is almost upon us. Assessing what the year has brought, which projects I’ve abandoned, what was just too overwhelming in the face of it all.
Thankfully,  Jesus never abandons the projects he starts. He loves us and has a plan for the life of each one of us. He doesn’t get overwhelmed. That’s all just us. Sometimes it’s hard when walls need to be smashed in.

He knows that in some of us, to become who we are destined to be, our rooms need to be rearranged. This world leaves most of us with scars, misconceptions, and preconceptions. Unhealthy patterns need to be addressed.  Just like you may need to patch your home walls with some putty, wounds in our temple need healing.
Admittedly, at this point, I would have liked to show you a picture of our new ceiling. Alas, a ceiling is a ceiling. It’s not very photogenic. And, it’s also not something you notice when you walk into a home. The absence of it is however very pronounced.

Frequently that is how we are. We hardly notice all the good stuff, but let some of that stuff be missing! Like running water, food, … So many things to say thank you for.

While all this reconstruction is sometimes painful, ultimately it’s what sets us free, just like these beautiful wild horses.

God’s not done with you. You are a work in progress. This story is still being written.

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I often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. I'm a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, I'm a human being.

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